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The Head Crusher

Head Crusher: The simplicity of device defied sinister task it was put to. Head crusher was a mechanical device where culprit's head could be fixed immovably and subjected to calibrated pressure through a metallic cap. Chin resting on the bottom, the head was put under a helmet like dome attached to a screwed iron bar above.

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size 2.41 / 9.93 . HeadCrusher Free is a analog saturation plugin. Use it on drums,vocals,bass,master track to add power or simply to destroy a track.

Head Crushing

Megadeth: "Head Crusher" is the first single from their album Endgame, and is about a medieval torture device of the same name. The song's lyrics are about a prisoner being taken to a head crusher to torture him as a means to interrogate him for information as well as the effects a head crusher would have on a body once inflicted.

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Head Crusher's 2 analog filters, sweet sounding Tilt EQ and 5 saturation modes make it a perfect tool to shape any sound. Both filters feature adjustable Q and the tone knob is great for shaping any track quickly and …

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Head Crusher Analog Goodness. Head Crusher is an analog modeled saturator, based on 4 different pieces of classic hardware. Head Crusher is perfect for giving more "oomph" to any source you feed it, use it to make a bass line cut through small speakers, make your drum bus sound much more powerful, or simply use it to destroy anything to taste.

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Благодаря 5 режимам насыщения, подобно аналоговому оборудованию, Head Crusher несет все лучшее в любой трек. Если вы хотите оживить вокал или сделать звук барабана взрывным, Head Crusher сделает это как надо.

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HeadCrusher. Saturation Plugin by Audio Assault. MyKVR FAVORITE 23 WANT 5. $75. at audio-assault. HeadCrusher by Audio Assault is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and an AAX Plugin. Product. Version.

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